Long before the time of man, in a realm ruled by magic, a destiny was born.


Dane Watts-Callan knows all about secrets. She is a witch living in a modern world, a family legacy that must remain hidden from mortals. On the eve of her thirty-first birthday something changes, leading her to discover a fateful destiny—an ancient birthright born from a magical universe.


Guided by a vague prophecy, Dane begins a journey for answers, traveling through dimensions to the magical realm of her ancestors, where both knowledge and sacrifice await. In a world, forever scarred by evil, she encounters someone immersed in its haunting past. An ancient immortal warrior whose destiny is intertwined with her own, igniting an attraction that neither can control nor escape.


As the prophecy begins to unravel, Dane must use all the power and knowledge from both worlds to find those whose blood and destinies are linked to the ancient realms, before the evil of the past is unleashed and the ancient magic, forever consumed.

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In a world born from ancient magic, a darkness hides in the shadows

waiting for those bound by blood and fate.


A war between her immortal ancestors and an ancient evil has connected Dane to a world she never knew existed.  She is one of the Arcanists, descendants of the supernatural races that ruled the realms of the Thanissia Universe in a time before man. The archaic texts foretold of their ascension and of the Second Coming when the ancient evil returns to destroy the modern world.

Now Dane and Rafe, the sexy immortal warrior to whom she’s bound, must help the other Arcanists open the ancient realms, release the magic, and accept their birthrights. Only by fusing their two worlds together can they hope to ensure the survival of both.

As the past awakens, they discover they are not alone. The ancient realms still hold secrets buried beneath the ashes. Threats lurk in the shadows of both worlds and in the recesses of Dane’s mind as she finds herself linked to the darkness that seeks to destroy everything she loves.


Can the Arcanists defend the world from evil or will a haunted past be the harbinger of their true fate?

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An ancient evil.

A destiny fractured by darkness.

Two will fall but only one will rise from the ashes.

After her mother’s death, Dane questions her commitment to the prophecy.  Fueled by rage and grief she retreats into a darkness of her own making, falling prey to a man whose own destiny is forged in blood and sacrifice.

Unsure of Dane’s whereabouts, Rafe and the others continue their journey to the realm of Athir. They must reignite the last Druidstone so the two remaining Arcanists can receive their birthrights. In the scarred lands of the Oberon Fen, a long-forgotten rivalry is awakened, one which ended in bloodshed long ago.

As the eve of the full moon approaches, a new threat hides in the shadows determined to change the course of the prophecy and the future of both worlds. The past and present have become one and those destined to fight must find a way to survive, even if it means sacrificing one of their own.

For darkness to endure all light must be extinguished, even that which exists within.

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To save her world she must enter his.

A modern witch and an ancient immortal warrior.

Two worlds are about to collide.

Her destiny was born from an ancient prophecy. Now Dane must search a long-forgotten past for answers and to find those whose blood is infused with ancient magic before the ancient dark rises to destroy everything and everyone she loves.


Can the past save her future or will one world born from another share an equal fate?

The box set includes all three books in the dark fantasy trilogy: The Scrying, The Hallowed, and The Arcana.

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