Welcome to the Thanissia Universe, home to the Five Realms.

The magical worlds depicted in The Scrying Trilogy are diverse and unique, each ruled by one of the five elements and home to the supernatural beings that inhabited the universe so long ago.

Find out more about these long-forgotten realms below:

'She was immersed in a vast galaxy, billions of stars littering the infinite darkness. She could feel its lifeforce, the invisible magical essence that weaved itself through every layer, breathing life into all it surrounded.' 

- The Scrying, Book One




     Dywen is the largest realm in the Thannisia Universe. Known for its diverse landscapes it embodies the element earth and all its dimensions. The once vibrant city of Arcadium, was a popular trading post. Residents of all the realms peddled their wares in the market square. 

     Also known for its elite warrior faction - The Order of Warlicians, Dywen was also regarded as the military realm. The warriors often trained in the Dead Lands, a harsh and barren lands, in order to increase their stamina.  The Warlicians trained and lived separate from the other inhabitants in a secured barracks on the far side of the ancient city.  No one from outside of The Order has ever been granted access to the barracks or privy to any of its secrets.

     Dywen was the last of the realms to fall during the Great War, and the first to rise in the present. Its power is undeniable as is its dominance over the Thanissia Universe.

'A multitude of differing landscapes meticulously contributing to this

realms power and stunning ambiance.' - The Scrying, Book One

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